Business Overview

Greenwich Highland Aviation is a successful, well established aviation leasing and trading business which has been built on the long term experience of its seasoned management team and their solid track records in the industry.

We concentrate on opportunities based around mid to end of life mainstream Airbus and Boeing equipment with a focus on the underlying value of the engines which are typically of IAE, CFM, GE and P&W manufacture. No opportunity is considered too small or to large, from the purchase of single engine through to a whole portfolio of high value equipment.

As an independent business, GHA works with a range of financing sources and investors which enables us to best match funding with the opportunity for any particular transaction. We work to develop all our business relationships with the expectation that they will become long term partnerships delivering mutual benefits to all parties involved.

GHA makes best use of its extensive contacts with airlines, finance houses and traders around the globe to acquire assets through sale/leasebacks and outright purchases. The worldwide nature of our activity is clearly reflected in the transactions we have completed in the USA, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The highly effective commercial and technical team at GHA evaluates all aspects of a new opportunity and in particular how we can derive the maximum value from the engines involved through the life of the investment. We have an enviable reputation amongst customers, trading partners, financiers and investors for direct and rapid response, analysis, negotiation and closure. Our team then manages the business through the life of the investment or lease including all the aspects of the asset’s return, its effective re-marketing and timely disposal.

GHA has a proven record of implementing transactions and seeing them through to a financially successful conclusion, we achieve excellent results and we are proud to have very satisfied investors. At GHA however were are not complacent and we recognise the cyclical yet unpredictable nature of the business environment we work in. With this in mind we are constantly reviewing our existing business, developing appropriate new models and adapting to optimise the results for our partners and investors.

If you are an airline looking to sell equipment or complete a sale/leaseback, an owner of engines or aircraft wanting to sell or an investor looking to acquire aviation assets then please get in touch. At GHA we will be pleased to assist and work with you to achieve your goals.